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Tether software usage
« on: October 07, 2014, 01:28:50 PM »
A query to those folk using DSLR tether software & studio flash...I just read these posts on the canon point&shoot chdk hack forum (we know those cameras all / mostly have large DOF):
"Clearly querying / manipulating single cams is something that should be improved, and should tied in with permanent serialnumber based camera identification. It shouldn't be terribly hard to make mc:cmd etc operate on a subset of available cameras."
"I will keep your example scripts in mind , in case , specific subnet of cameras should be setup with certain focus/zoom/etc values although i feel the same with what you will be a bit tedious to do so.Lets hope it won't be needed."

If your DSLR's had point&shoot DOF, in what way would you use your tether software? i.e
(i) what settings would you adjust, via tether software, globally (on all cameras)
(ii)  assuming DSLR "on camera" adjustment was not available, what settings would you adjust on individual cameras, by tether software, if "selectable single camera" liveview was available on tether PC monitor ?
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