Author Topic: Repeat aerial surveys - assisting alignment with previous flights  (Read 1736 times)


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Wondering if anyone else has tried what I am working on and/or if anyone's got a suggested workflow:

I fly about 30 km of river pretty frequently. Because of high relief/shadows/etc, sometimes I don't get good reconstruction through the canyon reaches. I have several flights with complete reconstruction. I'd like to use those to align images that don't end up matching in other flights, then disable/remove the images from different times and generate orthos/dems from the imagery that has been aligned with assistance.

It seems like I can do this by importing/exporting camera alignments/GCPs to a project without any, but I am not totally sure how to best proceed. Right now for experiment's sake I am trying to simultaneously align three flights over two months, one of which had a high-elevation overflight. Given that there was significant change during this time, I am skeptical I'll have decent results, and this represents an end-case (worst case) reconstruction attempt. If it doesn't work I'll try something more conservative.

Anyway, looking for any suggestions...