Author Topic: Few questions before setting up a DSLR Facial scan rig  (Read 2953 times)


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Few questions before setting up a DSLR Facial scan rig
« on: November 05, 2014, 02:52:25 PM »
hi guys,

We plan to install a inhouse DSLR facial rig, the goal is to capture facial expressions of a model. Agisoft forum is plenty of great tips, but i still have unanswered questions ;

About studio lights, what kind of flash is good for facial scan ? what about polazised light / filters ?

What kind of setup / Software do you use to trigger cameras and lights ? Is breeze ok with large amount of cameras, and how to sync with studio flash ?

Does someone have feedback about the Canon 1200D ? it looks quite cheap and close to 700D.

According to Lee from Infinite, Prime 50mm lenses seem to be the way for facial scan, but most of scan setup I see on the internet are using 50mm f1/4 lenses, what about the 50mm f1/8 ? Cos they are really cheaper.

Do you think 24 DSLR would be enough to have good quality scan ? focusing on the face and expressions.

Thanks you guys, a lot of questions here, sorry about that.

btw, thanks to agisoft team, amazing piece of software !