Author Topic: Extracing OrthoPhotos to a known grid  (Read 3096 times)


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Extracing OrthoPhotos to a known grid
« on: November 05, 2014, 09:44:51 PM »
In our mapping pipeline right now we are extracing orthophotos in tiles of 16384 x 16384 pxs from photoscan and then we are recutting all the tiles to fit into a known grid.

We have defined a known grid based on a extent of the grid, (typical taken from, such that given the extract resolution can be used to define extent for each tile in the grid. We then combine all tiles from photoscan, and recut them to this defined grid.  It simply means we are shifting all tiles alittle bit left or right and up or down to fit the grid.

We could save some compute time if we could make photoscan create tiles starting at this specific world coordinate grid.

In principal we just need to be able to tell photoscan when extracting the orthophotos that it should start creating tiles at this world coordinate [easting,northing] for resolution [r_x,r_y] Is this possible with python?