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Various wishes
« on: January 09, 2012, 10:22:17 PM »
1st. a happy new year

2. Standard views for the model(top, down, front, back, left, right) plus "car mode" option for the last four ones (that means +z pointing up).
I'd suggest to allow it by rightclick on model tab and also shortcuts like caps+F1 to F6

3. Customizable grid lines to be seen onto standard ortho views and as a switchable option in orthophoto export.

4. Model colour scale view mode.
5.  ;D I dont like soccer very much, so why not to use a colourful balloon with agisoft's logo as icon for textured model view mode
6. allow chunk lock (anchoring) and add a split-view interface for image-based 3 point picking during chunk's alingnment as a more efficient way to get the initial guess and then launch whatever you are using to get them aligned (ICP?)... I'll be pleased to explain myself further if you liked

one bug: When you are editing one marker in an image, and want to delete it (the marker) by right-click on its corresponding branch on the workspace tree, the program asks if one wants to delete the actual image instead of the marker. If user do not realize (as likely will happen), the consequence is an irreversible image deletion.

regards and +++ congratulations,