Author Topic: Need help opening .psx file using command line  (Read 2182 times)


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Need help opening .psx file using command line
« on: April 15, 2015, 01:48:39 AM »
We are in the middle of doing some experimentation to figure out the best settings for each step of the Photoscan process to generate the best textures and orthophotos from the 1930s aerial photos flown in the US. In order to record the details of each experiment I am trying to set up an excel table where each row has details about a Photoscan project that has been run or is running using network processing. I've made a button that, when you click on the row for a particular project and click the button, it opens up the photoscan project using a simple VBA macro. The script just runs the shell command "photoscan Y:\projects\<projectfolder>\<projectname>.psx".

I've noticed that running this command outside of the excel table (powershell or cmd or a batch file) opens the project correctly, even if network processing is currently working. However, running it through the excel macro only opens the project, shows the "connecting to server" message very briefly, then closes out the dialog box which should show the current status of the network processing and continues to open the project as if processing wasn't happening. Then, when I close the project, the photscan command line window does not automatically exit and shows no messages.

Does anyone have any experience opening up network processing enabled projects using a command line script? I don't want to actually pass any parameters to the program, I just want to build a super simple project management spreadsheet so I can easily record which exact settings were used to produce each set of results.