Author Topic: crash while saving in 1.1.0 renders save file corrupt  (Read 3901 times)


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crash while saving in 1.1.0 renders save file corrupt
« on: January 29, 2015, 03:46:25 AM »
I had a batch function going in PS Pro 1.0, with operations as follows:

1) Build Dense Cloud
2) Save
3) Build Mesh
4) Save
5) generate ortho
6) generate DEM.

PS crashed while saving in step (4). According to email response from crash dump it was AMD driver. I am pretty sure that's because I didn't realize the newest version reset preferences for not automatically switching to model view, and I had 500 million faces. But by crashing while saving it ruined the save, corrupted the save file, and made me start at step 1 (2+ days of processing).

It would be nice if (1) there was error trapping such that if the graphics card would run out of memory trying to display X faces, PS would not allow model view, and/or (2) when saving, PS would not try to draw to graphics card or do whatever it was doing that made the crash.

I turned off the default (switch to model view when mesh generated) and restarted the process with two different savefile names so in case PS still crashes, I can restart from building mesh instead of 1.1 billion point could, so this shouldn't happen again, but it's frustrating when file corruption occurs.