Author Topic: Recommendations for aerial shooting of a dynamic scene?  (Read 1577 times)


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Recommendations for aerial shooting of a dynamic scene?
« on: February 09, 2015, 09:03:19 PM »
My goal is to shoot a site frequently enough to detect very small-scale landscape changes. I am looking to create very accurate DEMs, within a foot accuracy if possible.  I'm particularly interested in what's changing inside of the scene - the only consistency in elevation is on the outside of the scene (see the attached photo which consists of the scene at two different time points). The width of the scene is about 265 meters/870 feet.

I'm looking for recommendations on how to shoot this site, e.g.:
1. how many flight lines?
2. what altitude for flying?
3. do I need GCPs? If so, how do I go about creating them, considering the consistency is on the edge of the scene?
4. anything else that will help yield extremely accurate DEMs.

Also, I'm shooting with a DJI phantom vision 2 plus.