Author Topic: Batch ortho export bug v 1.1.4 build 2021  (Read 4050 times)


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Batch ortho export bug v 1.1.4 build 2021
« on: March 22, 2015, 02:54:48 AM »
I attempted to export an ortho in batch and forgot to set tiled to yes and came up with an interesting error where it looks like it's applying JPEG limits on TIFF export. Previously when I did this I ended up with a BigTIFF.

Also interestingly it looks like an extension was never added to the filename. I know  I didn't specify one (like I didn't specify to tile the output). When I re-opened the batch dialog after the error the filename below had no extension. Running again now tiled to see how it works. Won't be able to tell you until next week since I am going on vacation tomorrow.

/Export Orthophoto
/Path=G:\Flights\20140429PlaneCam\SfM\ortho\20140429_Elwha_RGBAvg_NAD83 (note I didn't specify an extension and none showed up in the batch dialog)
/Blending mode=average
/color correction=yes
/Write World file=yes
/split in blocks=No
/Use custom region=No