Author Topic: Lighting for head scan: strobe vs continuous  (Read 5019 times)


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Lighting for head scan: strobe vs continuous
« on: December 15, 2016, 07:43:25 AM »
I am planning a 40-camera head photogrammetry shoot. We will be using Esper ShutterCells for wired trigger, Smartshooter for file transfer, and Nikon d7200 for the cameras.

Does anyone have any suggestions in choosing strobe lighting vs continuous led?

During our first shoot (just the face with 16 cameras) we used three Kinos for continuous light. Results were very good, only one of our model scans turned out rough due to sweat from heat from light boxes.

Any opinions or insights appreciated!


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Re: Lighting for head scan: strobe vs continuous
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2016, 07:40:20 AM »
Strobe Lighting:
The Strobes are very useful for taking a photogrametry, most of the professionals are use strobes only  ,
you can increase a aperture to high to get a greater depth of field, it is a low power consumption, 
Images are very sharp, you can fire in a Milli of a second, colors saturation are very Gd , maintain the plain lighting with out any shadows by using min 2 strobes.
Maintain smaller ISO(ex:100) and Greater aperture(ex:f22) to get a good images.

Continuous Lighting :
Continuous lighting is tension free to get take photos , but in this lighting system you cnt maintain the higher aperture for greater death of field because you have to maintains the higher wattage of lighting system it will be so expensive and power consumption will be also very high, the sharpness will be some what less, you have to use a greater ISO(800) and smaller aperture(f4) some times it cause a poor quality of photos like a blur image on continuous shooting.

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