Author Topic: Strange hue at edge of aerial (over water) with color correction (v1.1.6 2038)  (Read 2898 times)


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My most recent flight has a strange red hue at the north edge of the orthophoto over blue water. The ortho was produced with color correction and pixel-averaged imagery.

This might be chance and not a bug in the latest version, but I've done ~60 other flights with the same flight lines and I haven't seen this before. :o

Image attached.


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I saw just that same thing in a project I did ~2 years ago, but I don't think I reported it. It was certainly related to the colour correction being enabled. I'll see if I can dig out out tomorrow. It was a building elevation using jpg images, and I think I had a suspicion it was to do with a bright coloured fire hydran or something like that throwing it off, but it made the 'sandstone' building bright red in one corner.