Author Topic: Large close range tiled model of 160m smokestacks - DJI P1 & 50mm lens  (Read 1537 times)


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Looking for advice with regards to a large close range photogrammetry project? The aim of the project is to provide a high resolution model as a photo inspection tool. The deliverable will be a point cloud in LAS/LAZ and cesium model that can be uploaded to the clients cloud based inspection tools along with the original imagery that will be referenced to the cesium model.

Details in brief are as follows;

1. The subject is 2 x smokestacks that are over 150m tall with a 13m radius at the base. Each structure will be processed separately.
2. Camera offset from the structures will be approximately 12 meters to 15 meters from the smoke stacks.
3. The capture will be performed using the DJI P1 45mm full-frame sensor and a 50mm lens
4. It is estimated that there will be approximately 5500 45mp images for each structure with an overlap of approximately 80%SL 75%FL.

The basic plan is to fly the structures using vertical runs with the gimbal pitch at -10° down on the flight up, then gimbal pitch +10° up on the flight down. We will then capture imagery from  larger orbits to provide tie/context imagery.

I understand that there will be a lot of work masking out unwanted features like sky and distant backgrounds because of the low gimbal/camera angles and a lot of manual markers/tie points to assist in reconstructing accurate geometry. I have completed quite a few smaller projects using close range aerial photography and other sensors/lens with good results however the scale of this project and size of the structures is another level.

Any suggestions regarding the acquisition strategy?

Would depth map reconstruction be recommended to reduce processing and if so would depth map reconstruction be suitable for tiled model reconstruction.

Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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