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Surfaces from markers?
« on: May 29, 2015, 12:37:25 PM »
Hi photoscan-guys,

i admire your work, i belive that PhotoScan is the best photogrammetry software that i ever used and i know that you have full hands of work with many improvements, but i would very appreciate if it would be possible to add to its functionality one new feature:
- creating simple triangulated surfaces based just on manually generated markers.
Because sometimes it is not possible to create quality dense cloud (e.g. reflective surfaces like marble), but if the surface is flat enough it would be possible to create the significant points (corners) manually through markers and than create a simple surface from them.
I am speaking about something similar like in PhotoModeler, when you create every point manually and the surface is created by clicking on the points in a clockwise direction. But this time the alignment of photos and camera calibration would be automated like always (based on good texture around an object which has reflective surface) and this manual function would be useful by objects with mixed surfaces (reflective and non-reflective) and therefor it would be possible to create complete 3D model of such objects in one software (PhotoScan).
This functionality is possible in new versions of PhotoModeler (alignment of photos through SmartPoints and then the creation of surfaces by combining the DSM with manual creation of simple shapes), but in most cases the performance of PhotoModeler is not that good like in PhotoScan (DSM, ortophoto...)

I know, that it is possible to solve this problem by applying a non-reflective chalk spray on the reflective surface and create some kind of non-regular accidental texture, but sometimes it is not possible (cultural heritage, the need of contactless approach).
I am not a programmer, i don't know how difficult it is to add such new feature, but i would really appreciate it, because i would have no need to use other photogrammetry software anymore :).

Another new feature (less important, but still enough to think about) could be the possibility to create ortophoto from expanded cylinder or cone - useful e.g. by historical ceiling paintings... of course if it would be possible to approximate the surface with a simple cylinder or cone.

What can you say to this suggestions?
Thank you for your answer!

You are the best!
Good luck!