Author Topic: unset $HOME variable under Linux - scripts autoload fails  (Read 3656 times)


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unset $HOME variable under Linux - scripts autoload fails
« on: July 23, 2015, 05:34:16 PM »

 I'm running PhotoScan in a bit restricted environment, which causes that $HOME env var might be not set (it's not a feature of this env, just unexpected side effect; also non-standard home dir is used). I've noticed that this will affect PhotoScan behavior:
 * there will be \~/.agisoft directory created (yes, tilde named dir) in current work dir, instead of home dir,
 * script autoloading will fail - no script will be loaded.

 The fix is setting up $HOME env obviously, but I also suggest more strict checking of runtime environment, and at least leaving some message in logs about unset env vars and/or unreadable paths with configuration. This will help debugging similar problems in the future.