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PointBox launch
« on: January 12, 2016, 11:33:23 PM »
Hello friends:
GEOBIT is pleased to announce PointBox, an online pointclouds publishing tool allowing you to interact in very agile and easy way with large point cloud models in the network.

With PointBox you can show your work by means of an attractive and user friendly interface and send your customers and friends, links for them to visualize your point clouds from anywhere through Internet connection.

Please, enter sign up and create your portfolio.

The viewing platform is at an advanced stage of testing and we believe that it already works rather satisfactorily. However you may still have some minor flaws we'll address as soon as we can. Be patient if you suffer from any kind of problem and, please, let us to know about it. We need your feed back

The display engine is based on WebGL technology, an already well-established standard for displaying 3D data on the Internet. Therefore, for your enjoyment it is necessary that both your browser and your graphic's hardware supports this technology. If you receive error messages that refer to the lack of these features, we regret to say that you can not enjoy the cloud display in your computer.

Show us your masterpieces!, enjoy sharing!

Best regards!