Author Topic: collor problems with orthomosaics  (Read 2606 times)


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collor problems with orthomosaics
« on: January 07, 2016, 10:34:15 PM »
i thought, after i found several topics and postet my own experiences in the general section, it is now time to cal this a bug.
the orthomosaic function in the new version is just not working as it is suposed to do at all.
mosaic settings are hardly usable at all. i get this strange overly bright areas. usualy it is allways there when just using a sparse point cloud for the modeling
but sometimes (50%) it is also still there with a dense cloud. ususaly it is ok in average mode but that comes with its own problems...
in all this instances it is old models which i just want to export the results after i spend weeks on processing. i should not have switched to the new version before fisishing.
it is very irritating please do something about it since iam not the only user reporting this issues it is not me but the software i suppose.
the new version has some very nice features and i like the way things are developing but with the DEM creating and orthomosaic colloring problems it is hardly usable for me right now
best regards