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User Interface change requests
« on: March 20, 2016, 04:54:35 PM »
Some minor requests:

1. Ability to "bookmark" a view, to allow the user to return to a particular perspective after making edits. Useful, for instance, to display cut-away images of objects, before and after.

2. Creation of a toolbar for show/hide items, with on-off buttons, saving needless clicks returning to the menu to show/hide multiple items.

3. Ability to drag chunks up and down in the Workspace pane, to better organize them.

4. Ability to choose color for the close hole option. The pink is a little garish sometimes.

5. For batch jobs, have subsequently added tasks use the same chunks as the first by default. That is, if align points uses one chunk out of 7, then build dense cloud should too by default, with the option to modify it. Simple change, but it costs time when many batch jobs are processed.
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