Author Topic: 18 cameras Rig for Head Scan  (Read 1813 times)


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18 cameras Rig for Head Scan
« on: June 21, 2016, 04:42:26 PM »

We are trying to form a full head using 18 Canons T3i with 18-55mm lens. After a series of tests, we were able to get nice results using a 180º configuration but we need it 360º without losing dark hairs or beards.

Our attepts to get it 360º fails on capture the nape and the top of the head, background cameras insist in not align even with high luminescence. We don't know if its a matter of distance or distribution.

Head line and neck line câmeras are using 35mm of zoom, top cameras were positioned considerable highter (40cm of distance) than head line cameras, also are using 24mm Zoom in a attempt to get more data. All cameras have a distance of 1 meter from the target, I'm sending a attachment of one column.

So our doubt is: Where is the problem? The distance of the top cameras? Distance between the columns and the target? Zoom?  Someone have any idea of a nice configuration to use these 18 cameras and get a nice full head scan?

Thanks in Advance!