Author Topic: Cull/Cut by Low-Density tool.  (Read 24264 times)


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Advanced selection. Was "Cull/Cut by Low-Density tool."
« Reply #15 on: September 07, 2012, 11:33:03 AM »
Hi all:
Thanks Alexey, that was a very good feature addition
I have a more ambitious suggestion. I'd call it Advanced Selection Tool dilalog
On top three Radio buttons for Selection mode: "select" "deselect" "toggle"
Main select box for: Islands, Triangles
Options for "Islands" aka "shells":
  • With poly count >= than X
  • with poly count <= than Y
  • with poly count between X and Y

Options for Triangles: by area, by aspect(Lmax/Lmin), by diedral angle, by longest edge lenght
  • value >=X
  • value <=Y
  • value between X and Y

This would help to clean meshes by deleting "spikes", noisy areas, and the so-called low density areas

Apply button should run selection over existing selection set if existed according to selection mode: "Select" will add new elements to current selection set, "deselect" will do the opposite and "toggle" would alternate current status for selected and non selected elements. A similar selection mode behaviour should also be available for all already existing selection tools in addition to the hopefully comming very requested irregular fence/laso selection.
Very best Regards!

JMR (Geobit)