Author Topic: Which tags are used for "camera orientation angles from XMP data setting"  (Read 2296 times)


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Which XMP tags are used exactly for reading the camera orientation angles in 1.2.5? I wasn't able to find any standard tags for roll/pitch/yaw, and there are severeal unofficial tags available.

Additionally, would it be possible to add support for the commonly used (but non-standard) orientation tags in EXIF? There are some examples and explanations at

Thanks for your help!

Alexey Pasumansky

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Hello juliusb,

Usually manufacturers and developers use their own XMP profile/space, so there's no standard. PhotoScan Pro 1.2.5 supports some popular profiles. So are you developing your own camera or using some existing prototype? Actually, in any case you can provide us the sample of image with the filled XMP tags and we'll implement support for it.

From EXIF only the following tags are read by PhotoScan:
Best regards,
Alexey Pasumansky,
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Thanks for the fast reply! Actually, we're creating images specially for Agisoft, so we can just write whichever tags are supported.

But if you would add support for any tags, it would be ideal if you just added support for the following EXIF tags:

GPSPitch (0xd000)
GPSRoll (0xd001)
GPSImgDirection (0x0011, for Yaw, with GPSImgDirectionRef set to "T")

These are used in several image editing applications, and get written frequently when dealing with GPS referenced images.