Author Topic: Why does removing a disabled (non-active) chunk need to reset the viewport?  (Read 1523 times)


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Also.. on this project, everytime I open the file, or the viewport resets, my geometry and bounding box are off to one side.. does the "fitting" of the viewport always look at the sparse cloud or all cameras?  When I decide to part out a scene to smaller chunks, I delete dense cloud points and reduce the size of the bounding box, but I hardly ever worry about the sparse cloud.  Is that affecting me negatively in any way?

Just curious what the best steps should after doing an alignment of a larger area, then deciding to detail out parts and break off chunks to separate files for further refinement should be.  Once I have a dense cloud of the whole area, say, for instance, 150' of an alleyway wall.. and I choose a 20' section to be my next asset, I delete all of the dense cloud points I don't want, shrink down my bounding box and then.. should I re-do the dense point cloud generation?  Should i delete the cameras that absolutely don't contribute?  Or can I go straight to making the mesh using dense cloud points? 

What is the best method here for quality, and also alternatively, speed?

Is the dense cloud the best it will ever get upon generation at any size, or is it's resolution determined/limited by the bounding box in some regards?

Thanks in advance.