Author Topic: Best Camera for current day full-body setup  (Read 2701 times)


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Best Camera for current day full-body setup
« on: November 16, 2016, 11:17:53 AM »
Hey all,

Been following these forums for a few months now and while quiet in some areas, I see people are still active. :-)

Just a small disclaimer before I ask my question: I HAVE gone through the forum and read quite a few threads. Some very useful information in here!

I'm looking to start building a full body scan system for a business proof of concept I have on the go right now. I'm wanting to scan and print people in full colour. I have a Mcor Arke printer I've been using for a few months.

I've done some tests with a 4-camera + turntable setup however I'm getting some very messy, virtually unusable results. (bumpy textures, low mesh count etc.) This is caused by micro movements in the models as they breath and tilt from side to side/front to back. I've noticed even the slightest movements can completely mess up a scan.

I'm now thinking I need to take the plunge and buy more cameras to reduce the scan time + thus reduce the possibility of micro movements from the models.

My question to this forum is: what currently is the 'best' camera for a full-body 360-degree scan setup? I've been seeing a lot of mention of Canon 600D/1100D and Nikon D3200s but all the mentions I've been able to find are from a year or more previous to this.
Is there a better camera out there now?
What's the most economical setup out there? (more cameras for less $$)
More cameras are better but is there a recommended minimum?
What's the best way to purchase in bulk? From Manufacturer or scrounge eBay and Craigslist and slowly build up your inventory?

Some more info from some of you 'pros' out there would be appreciated. :-)

Bonus question: Strobes or constant lights? I'm leaning towards constants because they're less complex to set up but strobes can give off better lighting.