Author Topic: Arbitrary Mesh Build of 2500 photos  (Read 1174 times)


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Arbitrary Mesh Build of 2500 photos
« on: April 06, 2017, 01:15:33 PM »

I was testing to build mesh from approx. 2500 photos of village area with arbitrary setting in build mesh. Photos was build with medium dense cloud setting. High and medium face count cause the software to force close. Meanwhile low face count (about 4 million faces) takes so long to finish, > 40 hours. I closed it after 12 hours of process.

My computer uses 64 GB of RAM and dual GTX 1070. Task manager shows full usage of RAM during process (around 61 GB ram used). I knew that arbitrary mode consumes huge RAM compared to height field mode, but is it normal? If I want to build a 3D model from arbitrary mesh, what should be the best setting then (e.g low dense cloud, low face count)?