Author Topic: Select and create new chunk from not aligned images?  (Read 1689 times)


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Select and create new chunk from not aligned images?
« on: June 02, 2017, 11:06:40 AM »
Hi guys,

i'm new to the forum, so i'll understand if nobody can help me, i've large amounts of aerial hystorical photos that i'm tryin to georeference in splits and blocks, so far so good, even with the batch process, but the align process of those strips or blocks has to be done manually, after each alignment i've to split them in chunks manually and then launch the mesh cloud etc in batch for each chunk, i was wondering if there was the possibility with a script to automatically select un-aligned photos and move them in a new chunk, and repeat the process until every photo is aligned.

all the images are of the same size/resolution and quality and i've never had problems in that topic, usually all the images belongs to a single strip or block so most of the time i found 3/8 or sometimes 12/14 strips connected togheter after an alignemnt, but sometimes all the strips are disconnected from each other.

Big fan of yours,  :D