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Refine Markers function
« on: September 14, 2017, 10:50:51 AM »
1、Where to find refineMarkers function in photoscan 1.3.2,which menu can I find it? We only find refineMarkers in photoscan scripting API.

2、We presume that there will be small errors in cameras' position after Align Photos procedure in PhotoScan.We do as the following steps in order to get more accurate data:

    First,we add some more photos with coded markers,then do the Align Photos procedure

    Second,using the Detect Markers to find out the coded markers as many as possible,then we use Optimize Camera Alignment and we export the cameras xml fie(e.g. named opt_camera.xml)

    Third,we use the refineMarkers API by python scripting for all the detected markers and export the cameras xml file(e.g. named re_camera.xml)

    We found there are no any differences between the opt_camera.xml and re_camera.xml,it proved that refineMarkers have no effects on internal and external camera parameters.Should we have refineMarkers after the Detect Markers,then do the Optimize Cameras Alignment? In order to get our target,what we should have to do rightly.What does the refineMarkers do,please give me more explanation about that?