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Video using Photoscan 1.4
« on: October 13, 2017, 11:18:46 AM »
First of all, i didn't find that how can I post this inside Pre-release section, so please shift this post in that section..

I read many posts on video generation using V 1.4 but still donot know how can I generate video inside Photoscan V1.4.
Do I need mesh OR pointcloud OR DEM for that. How can I make/edit video path. I have not found any tutorial, video, PDF on this topic. Any help would be appreciated.

Alexey Pasumansky

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Re: Video using Photoscan 1.4
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2017, 03:21:41 PM »
Hello Ingsayyad,

Currently Animation pane allows to:
- import the camera track from FBX file or .path file (created in Blender),
- generate simple track using Vertical or Horizontal rotation preset,
- set up the camera track speed and field of view,
- record the fly tough animation (according to the loaded/generated track) to the video file.

The animation feature is applied to the Model view only, so you can record sparse/dense cloud, mesh or tiled model data, not DEM/Ortho.

The pre-release is discussed in the following thread:
So you can post your questions related to the version 1.4 there.
Best regards,
Alexey Pasumansky,
Agisoft LLC