Author Topic: Export two orthomosaic tifs of the same dimension  (Read 1537 times)


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Export two orthomosaic tifs of the same dimension
« on: November 03, 2017, 09:24:26 PM »
I am trying to generate two orthomosaic tifs with the same dimensions from photos taken by two separate cameras positioned side by side on a UAV.

I am currently loading both photo sets into photoscan as separate chunks, and then trying to adjust the region used by the model/orthomosaic based on the minimum dimensions in x and y of the two chunks. For the buildOrthomosaic command, I am making sure to use the same pixel size for both sets of images (passing the dx= and dy= arguments).

However, despite reassigning the x and y size of the region for each chunk to the same values, the actual size of the exported orthomosaics are not coming out the same.

Is there a better way to adjust/control the size of the output orthomosaics to ensure that they are the same dimension? Are the different chunks possibly using different scales?

I have tried running the whole process of alignCameras --> optimizeCameras --> buildModel --> buildOrthomosaic --> exportOrthomosaic several times, doing the size adjustment of the chunk after a different step each time, but it never seems to work.

Code: [Select]
a_region = a_chunk.region
a_size = a_region.size

b_region = b_chunk.region
b_size = b_region.size

x = min([a_size.x, b_size.x])
y = min([a_size.y, b_size.y])

a_region.size.x = x
a_region.size.y = y
b_region.size.x = x
b_region.size.y = y

a_chunk.region = a_region
b_chunk.region = b_region