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best method for a room.
« on: October 29, 2012, 12:19:52 PM »
Hi all,
i need help to get the best method to shot photos for an interior room.
I've read the guide about shooting internal scenarios, but i've some doubts.
I use a Nikon D90, total station and targets placed in the scenario for georeferencing.
First of all if i had a room of 10x10m or more (just an example) and i wanted a high details model, can i use the "facade" (described in agisoft guide) method to get the walls of the room? in this way i might be closer to the wall in order to get more details.
How could i get the pavement and the roof?
What if i split the entire surface of the room in  "sectors" (5x5m), each of them with targets whose coordinates would be taken by the total station in order to align the chunks or the single models? What kind of shooting method should i use for each sector?