Author Topic: Point Cloud Density & Mesh Face Count Setting for Large Land Areas?  (Read 2587 times)


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I did a 150 acre aerial survey and when I generated the point cloud I selected the Medium setting.  The survey was of a farm where they have row mounds in preparation of planting.  (Rows were about 6 feet apart) and they have little piles of dirt  on top of the mounds every 2-3 feet to hold down the tarp so there's a gazillion of these mounds.  The application is I need to generate a CAD file (DXF) for the people designing the sprinkler system so they can place the pipes and determine any significant slopes to calculate necessary water pressure.

The point cloud file was a 14GB file (I forget how many points, but there were obviously a gazillion)  This is the first type of application like this I used Photoscan for.  My gut is telling me for this type of application maybe the "Lowest" point cloud density is the best setting instead of Medium.  I think there's another similar setting when generating the Mesh. 

Now if I were making a 3D of a large sculpture, then I would guess that is where the higher number of points is desired.  Wondering if anyone out there that has used Photoscan for a similar application can recommend settings for various points of the workflow to create the most usable exports.



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Re: Point Cloud Density & Mesh Face Count Setting for Large Land Areas?
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2018, 05:58:37 AM »
Hi jazzyi,

It's probably best to share a DEM instead of the dense point cloud.
Therefore, generate a DEM from your dense point cloud using WORKFLOW > GENERATE DEM.

Then export the DEM using FILE > EXPORT > EXPORT DEM > EXPORT TIFF. Choose your desired resolution (pixel size). If you increase the pixel size value, you lower the resolution and the file size.