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New Here
« on: February 28, 2018, 10:34:21 AM »
Hey all. I am new to 3d scanning and this software I decided to purchase as it has given me the best results in MANY tests of different subjects and lightings, indoors, outdoors, etc. The quickness and accuracy is uncanny! I do, however, still strive for a successful scan :/

I am limited on photo capture devices at the moment and have use other high quality images and videos for testing with really interesting results but always come short of that one that I can get "print ready".

I have just a few questions (feel free to link other posts as I am still reading through them since I just registered).

Note: I have been up for many days and nights plugging in and testing different options within the software, and found good results as a starting point, but wonder a few things.

1. If I take photos that are FHD 8MP size resolutions (for now, until I can bump to 15 soon and an actual DSLR), I usually try out first the jpg photos for rendering to see how well they turn out since I cannot capture RAW either yet. And then I batch edit white balance and color balancing, trying to rid of dark shadows and bright highlights etc). But, I always fall short in capturing enough blue dots to make the dense point cloud worth meshing.

My camera angles and shots are great. I actually use a drone style template of 2-3 heights and top/side photos to cover all angles the absolutely best I can. Somehow, I end up with a blotchy mesh or bumpy mesh/PC render (not just on solid colors or repeated patterns, as I try to reduce those). When I cannot reduce those negative effects, I am not sure how else to "edit" other than re-shoot.

first question is: How do I post-process in order to make sure my photos (taken either directly, or from video snapshooting) are "photogrammetry ready"?

I have read the guides for both turntable and aerial mapping etc, watched videos on man made and natural capturing, etc.

I do believe it may rely in my quality of images (since they are jpg, not raw). Do I smooth or sharpen? lol. Because I know that in the mesh portion, interpolated methods give me better looking models. My issue is, I have one subject which is building structures in some cases where I cannot get close enough for "stucco-like" detailing for a smooth mesh. Is there any way to drone for a great render of say, someones house properly? I guess that would be an added question :P

Second question: When it comes to masking, since there are a lot of photos and each one has a lot of detail to focus on computing, I start with a "box" mask first and see how that works out to reduce un-necessary redering outside the box etc, BUT.....Is there a good way to mask all my images (not necessarily faster as I have the time [hobbiest]) so that the software can better focus on detail and accuracy?

I hope that is not overwhelming to anyone and I know that these have to have been answered well somewhere. I just cannot find any other good resources for the field I am trying to do {building structures mainly}.
I am trying to to get into the marker aspect of GPS and all that stuff since I lack the equipment for now {pricey}.

Any help is very much appreciated and when I redo a project that may be needed for viewing/testing, I will do so upon request at any time :) I deleted all of the failed projects since they took up a lot of space on my external.

Hope all is well, and it may be good to mention, I use the standard version not the pro yet.

Fellow Designer/hobbiest


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Re: New Here
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2018, 10:47:23 AM »
I actually found one recent model example I tried in the home with dual lighting on each side of the room. I tried to make the black as "texture-like" as possible, but as you see it didn't work :P Not a bad start!, but for flat walls and such, this is something I need to figure out :)

I added a pic of the box masking I mentioned also. I figured this kind of masking would be "ok" for something and it was, but just didn't catch well enough on this one.

The dark areas are not the only issues, its more just random to me at the moment.
I wish I could texture flat surfaces from a further distance!