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Create/Select/Filter (Dense) Point Cloud by Slices
« on: August 31, 2014, 05:35:49 PM »

I'm modeling objects which have a very high level of complexity. In contrast to aerial mapping (which I also do) or other '1-surface' objects, I have complex objects with several superposed planes leading to a quite complex cloud filling out the complete space and not describing one single surface. ( to be more concrete, I'm modeling trees).

So, when editing my point cloud I have a hard time selecting points. In the two simple cases mentioned above I just have to select what I see, and that's it, but if my point cloud is in fact distributed in the complete space, any selection I'll do at some place, will also select points in the background as well as 'invisible' points in  foreground (outside in front of the display, so to say). This makes the edition of the point cloud impossible.

It would be fantastic to have a view, where you can define a slice (a plane) of a certain thickness, which will filter out all points not included in it. In this way one would be able to work only on the visible point without touching all the rest of the point cloud. A selection would only happen within this slice of point. With the cursor one should be able to move the plane forward and backwards, for example.

Such a function would also allow to make real cuts of the model (point cloud, dense point cloud or mesh) useful for analysis and subsequent export.

Well, that is my proposal for another function in PS.

It would be nice to see something like this in a near future.

Best regards
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