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Import Camera Locations from xml file
« on: April 24, 2018, 04:52:37 PM »
Hi All,

I have a .xml file containing all video and photo locations (see attachment) from a drone that's been used for mapping and video surveillance.

What is the best way for me to acquire the relevant photo locations for aligning and building a digital elevation model?

The new flight is stored like this:
<ori yaw="+179.40" pitch="-090.00" roll="-004.41    " />
   <time value="2018:04:20 14:43:35"/>
   <note par="Flight" value="0001    " />
   <time value="2018:04:20 14:47:07"/>
   <note par="Flight" value="0001    " />
   <time value="2018:04:20 14:47:52"/>
   <gps lat="+05.90003016" lng="-055.22443772" alt="-0069.752" />

following by all the information from pictures in the following format:
<ori yaw="+124.65" pitch="-090.00" roll="-003.80    " />
<image path="D:\DCIM\100MEDIA\AMBA1124.jpg">
   <time value="2018:04:20 14:47:55"/>
   <gps lat="+05.90003016" lng="-055.22443772" alt="-0069.752" />

As far as I can tell the images are not stored with an EXIF like format containing the locations but rather have an separate file containing the locations. I also tried to change the relative pathnames with the locations of the pictures. Do I need to rewrite the file in the described .csv format in order to attach the locations to the pictures (tideous work :-X)?