Author Topic: Create layers, create points from polyline vertices and export  (Read 1743 times)


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I have a simple script witch create new shapes layers and export the shapes to a .dxf file, but there are some extra things witch I cannot achieve with my limited python knowledge.

1. After the layer is created automatically by the script, the created layer should be the [Default] layer (like with right click on a layer and - SetAsDefault).
2. After i draw some polylines in the new created layer, before exporting to .dxf I would like to automatically generate another layer (for example the first layer name is Layer01 and the second created layer should have the same name + _points (Layer01_points)), and the new created layer should have all the points from the first layer polylines vertices and each point should have the label = current layer name (Layer01_points) + counting numbers (001)  Ex.(Layer01_point_001, Layer01_point_002, Layer01_point_003 etc.).

Thanks in advance for you help!