Author Topic: improvement of magic wand tool for masking  (Read 5200 times)


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improvement of magic wand tool for masking
« on: January 13, 2013, 08:32:25 PM »
When using masks, this is often to get rid of areas that are shadowed, e.g. by the photographer and its equipment moving around or across the object (e.g., airplane/drone/kite/PAP rig). Often, the borders of these shadows are diffuse. That makes it somewhat difficult to effectively use the magic wand tool (which otherwise works really well): if the (dark) centre of the shadow is clicked, a slightly dark area around the shadow remains in the image around the mask; when the border (not so dark) of the shadow is clicked, large areas of the images are masked which should not be masked. Adjusting the tolerance level is only of limited help.

Therefore, I suggest adding a "buffer" option and slider to the magic wand tool which would automatically add a buffer with a selectable width (number of pixels choosen with the slider) to the selection made with the magic wand.