Author Topic: Question about indoor lighting setup for scanning props and people  (Read 9353 times)


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Hi there!

I am about to start building a lighting setup for scanning props and eventually people.

Will greatly appreciate any and all advice about what works and what doesn't :)

One of my options would be this: - sorry for weird (for most of you anyway) language - this is essentially twin 85 watt bulbs (continuous, not flash), with 90cm silver reflective umbrellas. One from lower angle and one from above (max 2,1m).
- Does that seem bright enough?
- Would three sets of these suffice or would I need four?
- What about getting those bright bulbs and reflective silver in my shots, would I be better off using semi-transparent light-scattering umbrellas instead? Or some ceiling/floor lighting setup to avoid lights behind photographed subject in my shots entirely?
- Maybe I am better off with non continuous, flash lighting? (although I'd rather avoid having synching issues)

Thanks in advance!



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Re: Question about indoor lighting setup for scanning props and people
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2013, 12:37:46 AM »
Andrew best if find some ENG language shop and select there, its litle complicated if cannot translate it right, but try it. For what im get from my friend photograph, the Flashes are best solution, because of ammount of light and no flickering isssues..... Some alternative is a LED light, see formum it was mentioned max 14 days back. We trying to calculate the ammount of light produced by LEDs as teoreticaly ( yes teoreticaly because of a lot of things behind it ) solution for 3D and 4D capture....