Author Topic: Cameras with built-in "shake-reduction // a7R3 sensor capable of photogrammetry?  (Read 1676 times)


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Dear Photoscanners...  :)

Anyone using a Sony a7R3 for aerial photogrammetry in general and processing with Agisoft PS in special?

What is your feedback with regard to measurement, accuracy, sensor size and its optical geometric stability?
I heard about issues of the a7R3 due to its shake-reduction.

Thanks so far.

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I have had plenty of success using a mirrorless canon (EOS-M), and sony (A7R-2, A7-3) for buildings etc. with and without optical stabilisation enabled... but i do see changes to the lens parameters post optimisation when using optical stabilisation.

For the A7R-3 (and assuming it is like the A7-3) i suggest you setup one of the two special modes for photoscan so that disables optical stabilisation, sets the aperture for maximum depth of field before fringing (e.g. 8.0 for my 24-105), and focus is wide and close.