Features Professional Edition Standard Edition

Core photogrammetry processing workflow
Photogrammetric triangulation
Dense point cloud generation and editing
3D model generation and texturing
Georeferenced DSM / DTM generation
True / DTM-based orthomosaic generation
Ground control and check points support
Georeferencing using flight log and / or GCPs
Markers / scale bars support
Coded / non-coded targets auto detection

Source data from various sensors
Frame / fisheye camera support
Video data import
Spherical and cylindrical camera support
Multi-camera systems support
Multispectral and thermal imagery processing
LiDAR data support
Satellite imagery processing
Scanned images with fiducial marks support

Measurements and analysis
Coordinate / distance / area / volume measurements
Stereoscopic measurements
NDVI and other vegetation indices calculation
Automatic power lines detection
Dense point cloud classification
Elevation contour lines generation
Orthomosaic seamline editing
DEM editing

Automation options
Batch processing
Built-in Python scripting
Stand-alone Python module and Java library
Headless operation support

Big data processing
GPU acceleration support
Hierarchical tiled model generation
Network processing
Cloud processing

Special features for heritage and artistic projects
Diffuse, occlusion and normal texture maps generation
Spherical panorama stitching
Mission planning for complex sites
4D modeling for dynamic scenes

Presentation of the results
Flythrough video rendering
3D PDF export
Direct upload to various online resources
Agisoft Viewer

Licensing options
Free 30-day trial
Node-locked (perpertual)
Floating (perpertual)
Service provider license (annual / pay-per-use)

Windows, Mac OS X, Debian / Ubuntu

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