Licensing and ActivationCapabilitiesFrequent Errors
  • When running network processing feature I get "registration failed: key rejected" error in the Console, why is this happening?

    According to the license agreement Metashape instances installed on the different computers should be activated with the separate license keys (doesn't matter whether they are run in GUI mode or as a processing node/server).

  • Export DEM/Orthomosaic options are disabled in the File menu, even after activating Metashape with the license key, why I can't export them, my model is georeferenced and mesh is generated?

    Prior to the export DEM and Orthomosaic should be built using the corresponding options in the Workflow menu. Note that the project file should be saved in PSX format to allow DEM/Orthomosaic generation.

  • DEM exported as a TIFF file appears to be black and white when opened in external software. What am I doing wrong?

    DEM exported from Agisoft Metashape Professional uses floating point TIFFs. Most of standard image viewers and editors can not recognize them. We recommend to use GIS applications to work with DEM, for example, GlobalMapper or Quantum-GIS.

  • I'm trying to export orthophoto but always get "Can't export orthophoto" message.

    Due to TIFF format specifications Agisoft Metashape Professional can not save files larger than 4GB. We recommend to reduce the export resolution, use "Split in blocks" feature or export in BigTIFF format, if your post-processing/analysis software accepts this format.

  • I have successfully generated the model, but exported orthophoto is mirrored.

    X/Longitude/Easting and Y/Latitude/Northing columns for cameras or markers in the Reference pane are likely to have been mixed or the coordinate system is not properly selected in the Reference pane settings dialog.

  • I've exported textured model, but MeshLab doesn't display the texture.

    Use shorter filenames for the model and texture (under 8 symbols) and do not input Unicode symbols.

  • My model looks pretty in the Metashape window, but exported PDF shows only blank page.

    Make sure PDF viewer is able to open 3D-PDF documents (for example, latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader) and the polygon count number / texture atlas is not huge. Recommended number of polygons is 50 000 – 200 000 and texture atlas size not greater than 4096.

  • Camera alignment has finished correctly, but I'm getting Can't Build Dense Cloud error. How to proceed?

    There are several main reasons for this problem, here are the most likely ones:
    - insufficient number of matching points inside the bounding box between pairs of images,
    - no enabled cameras,
    - problems with enabled OpenCL devices,
    - camera calibration issues.

  • I've got black (or extremely pixelated) texture, although the colors seem to be shown correctly in the shaded mode.

    It is a result of scattered texture atlas that is likely to be caused by a lot of tiny isolated mesh parts in you model. We recommend to use Interpolation during mesh generation and to remove “flying” mesh components using Edit → Gradual selection → Connected components instrument.

  • Alignment results in a total mess – all cameras are positioned to the same point!

    The most likely reason is that turntable capturing scenario was used without applying masks to the static background. In this case Metashape may use feature points found on the background to estimate camera positions, that will lead to the incorrect result.