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  • Can I try Agisoft Metashape before buying?

    Yes, you can. Absolutely free demo version is available on the downloads page. But demo version has save and export feature limitations. If you want to test fully functional trial version of Agisoft Metashape, please, send your inquiry to

  • I've just received a Trial (License) code from you, but it is not working!!! Activation button is still grayed out although the activation code has been input.

    Check that you are running corresponding edition of Metashape (Standard or Professional; see About Metashape info in Help menu of the program) and have input “O” (letter) NOT “0” (zero) in the activation dialog.

  • I'm a Mac OS X user and am trying to activate Metashape Pro, but keep getting "Can't write license file. Please make sure that you have write access to /Volumes/.../ folder" message. What should I do?

    After unpacking .DMG file, you need to move MetashapePro application bundle to any directory on your computer, then start the application from the new location. Don't run Metashape from the .DMG archive itself.

  • OK, I'm a Mac OS X user and now I have "Can't write license file. Please make sure that you have write access to /private/var/folders/.../AppTranslocation/.../ folder." message. What should I do now?

    It looks like Gatekeeper is moving MetashapePro application bundle to the temporary folder. So you need either to disable the Gatekeeper or activate Metashape Professional from the terminal, running the following command from the folder containing Metashape Professional (using --activate argument and passing your license key to it): --activate 11111-22222-33333-44444-55555

  • How can I buy Agisoft Metashape software?

    You can purchase a license to activate Agisoft Metashape software in online store, with credit card paying option available; or contact a local reseller.

  • What is the difference between Educational and Stand-Alone licenses?

    Educational license is available exclusively to non-commercial, accredited educational institutions, their employees and students of such institutions. Educational license prohibits all commercial uses of the software. Educational and Stand-Alone licenses differ legally but are technically identical.

  • How can I update Agisoft Metashape when the new version is released? Is it free?

    If you want to update your licensed copy of Agisoft Metashape software, download the latest version available from downloads page and install it on the same computing system. The version will be automatically activated with your license key.

  • Software tells me that new updates are available, but I can't find where to download updates from. Do I need to buy another license?

    Updates are free of charge up to versions 1.9.x; new versions can be downloaded from Downloads Installer page.

  • Does Agisoft offer training courses?

    Agisoft is focused on software development, however, there is a number of tutorials freely available here to guide you through Agisoft Metashape workflow. Our technical support team ( be glad to assist you with any questions you may encounter during data processing.

  • How does the network processing work? Do I need separate licenses for each node?

    Each computer that is intended to be used as a processing node should have Metashape Professional installed and activated with the separate license key. Metashape Pro instance acting as a server doesn't require license activation.

  • Where is StereoScan? Can't find it on the website.

    At the moment this product is no longer supported. The latest installer file can be provided on request.