Memory requirements tips

The article provides the information related to the memory consumption peaks and processing time for the common processing operations with the various parameters for different project types (aerial and close-range scanning projects).

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Calibrated scale bar placement and processing tips

Tips authored by Cultural Heritage Imaging describe the main principles of calibrated scale bar use, including scale bar placement and Agisoft Metashape Pro processing options.

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Image capture tips: Equipment and shooting scenarios

The tips are aimed to answer your very first questions about equipment appropriate to capture an image dataset to be processed with Agisoft Metashape as well as to help you to avoid the most typical mistakes while shooting.

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Image capture tips: Close-range objects scanning

Additional tips for getting good quality results when shooting objects in close-range.

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Image capture tips: Full body capture and head capture

The tips outline main recommendations to follow in case of full body or head capture projects.

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Image capture tips: Aerial survey tips (with a fixed-wing UAV)

The tips show recommendations for shooting various landscapes (forest areas, urban areas, water bodies, mountain areas).

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Image capture tips: Aerial survey tips (with a rotor-wing drone)

The tips apply to syrvey projects focused on an isolated object (facade of a building, monument, etc.).

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Technical guide and production tips

Tips authored by _blankRepository team describe good practices, problems of the scanning and processing pipelines and the ways to avoid those problems and get the best results in Agisoft Metashape.

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Manual dense cloud classification guidelines

These guidelines provide the recommendations on the manual dense cloud classification to be performed by users who would like to contribute to the multi-class classificator implemented in Agisoft Metashape Pro.

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Deploying Agisoft PhotoScan on Microsoft Azure

A guide by Paulo Marques da Costa from AzureCAT with step-by-step guidance for installing Agisoft PhotoScan on Azure Virtual Machines (VMs).

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