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Building Reconstruction

This tutorial describes how to create a model of a building with Agisoft PhotoScan, workflow being illustrated with an XVIIIth century mansion reconstruction.

Download: in English in Russian Dataset

Dense Cloud Classification & DTM Generation

This tutorial illustrates how to use automatic and manual dense cloud classification instruments in Agisoft Metashape Pro.

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Coded Targets & Scale Bars

This tutorial illustrates the use of coded targets and scale bars in Agisoft PhotoScan Pro.

Download: in English in Russian

Radiometric calibration using reflectance panels

This tutorial describes common workflow related to the reflectance calibration of multispectral image data acquired using Parrot Sequoia or MicaSense RedEdge cameras.

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Spherical Panoramas Generation

This tutorial shows how spherical panoramas can be generated using Agisoft Metashape for images taken from the same point.

Open: in English Dataset

3D Model Reconstruction

This tutorial teaches you how to generate a 3D model of an object with Agisoft PhotoScan using amateur level photographs set only.

Download: in English in Russian Dataset

DEM based measurements

This tutorial illustrates how to perform different types of the measurements based on the Digital Elevation Model.

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